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romney will be heading to maryland later. >>> and all of those stories are just ahead on this wednesday morning. good morning. i'm megan pringle. very foggy when i came in. and that seems to be the theme this week. >>> yes, same old same old. mild and humid as well. so it is not going to be a good hair day, ladies what so far. visibility reduced in baltimore, within mile, two in easton, five in frederick. if you're travel together district, one mile visibility this morning. and this will persist through the morning. and we're dealing with maryland's most powerful radar is not picking up on the misting. but that will linger all morning long. and i know a check that have traffic with angela. good morning. >>> good morning. the fog is out there misting when i came in also. as a result of the fog, we got rid of our two way traffic pattern on the bay bridge already this morning. and let's get a live look how things are out there. not too bad on this stretch of downtown. if you're travel together tunnels, 95 and 895 both looking good. foggy conditions, 695 and harford road and extra caution a
gop frontrunner mitt romney received an endorsement from a top republican. former florida governor jeb bush endorsed romney saying it's time to rally behind the former massachusetts governor. not all positive news though, comments made by a long time aide credited controversy -- created controversy. he compared the general election to an etch-a-sketch saying we can shake it up and start all over again. >> remove all trace of any kind of marks and be able to draw a new picture. maybe a picture of someone who ran for governor of massachusetts not as a conservative. >> romney's aides says he was only talking about the race, not the candidate. the press secretary for rick santorum was handing out etch a sketches outside of a romney event in maryland. speaking of the trip to maryland, mitt romney was at an event organized by former maryland governor bob ehrlich. romney had a meeting in a jam packed american legion hall. he focused on gas prices, health care and the economy. he also took questions. afterwards many admitted they were there and already a mitt man to begin with. >> i agree wi
, mitt romney is talking gas prices. santorum hopes to have a win in illinois to reduce some of romney's momentum. romney, after spending three days, is hoping to show he is leading in the gop pool. >>> mitt romney will be heading to our area, the republican presidential candidate will be in maryland on wednesday for his first public event, holding an american legion post 109, that's on old sulfur spring road. arbutus' former governor and romney is expected to be there at 3:30 in the afternoon. >>> baltimore city, mayor stephanie rawlings blake introduced new legislation. this would drop the property tax by $0.20 per $100. the value by 2020. while this plan is similar to her proposal, this plan relies heavily on lots revenue to make up the difference. >>> the state of maryland will hear a personal story in favor of the smoking tax from a fan named van buren. he is 25 years old. he has disfiguring surgeries, one removed half of his neck muscles and part of his tongue. it's because of oral cancer. he says antitobacco advocates will be hold agnusing, a news conference today. >>> the balti
challenges made and a big win for mitt romney. romney scored a convincing went in sunday's puerto rican primary by winning over 50% of the vote. the gop front-runner was award the island delegates to the national convention. >> by the way, 20 delegates all the delegates that were in that contest are ours. >> illinois is crucial if romney is going to stop the gathering momentum for rick santorum. polls say romney holds a slight lead over santorum in tuesday's illinois primary. >>> and missouri caucus meeting erupted outside missouri. more than 2500 people gathered at a high school saturday to vote in the republican caucus. witnesses say organizers ended the caucus early when a man with a camera refused to leave. >> the chairman could have answered the questions they were trying to ask. they didn't allow to us goat that point they went over their heads and en-- did enforced us to have a broken caulk news two people were arrested fortress passing. several caucus goers say they are upset because they didn't get a chance to vote. the missouri republican party issued a statement saying despit
>> and buy me some >>> super tuesday turned into a two manufacture man fight. mitt romney and rick santorum battled out, ultimately romney won. details coming up. and a crash kills three teens and adult on route 50. and one of the victims has been implicated. >> i'm charley crowson. >> i'm megan pringle. thank you so much for watching us this wednesday morning. let's get the forecast from lynette charles. good morning. >> good morning. yes, this is a welcome wednesday for several reasons i might add. it's hump day, the middle of the week but also, if you like the sunshine it will continue for today. if you like the warming up part of it, that's going to happen. also, we have a chance for some rain that we'll get closer to as we head to the end of the week. then we spring forward this weekend, don't forget that or you will be disoriented come sunday. maryland's most powerful doppler radar dry now. we have all five sweeps on scanning the skies, not a lot to scan for today because of ample sunshine in the forecast. this morning temperatures not so bad. 40 degrees in centreville. we'll
delegates up for grabs in ohioment tight between mitt romney and rick santorum. romney moves closer to the nomination and seen as his best chance to break away from rivals. >> polls from quinn pack has romney three points over santorum. here is the break down of super tuesday. voters in ten states will be heading to the polls, 437 delegate at stake, a stake. >>> conservative activists dubbed joe the plumber during 2008 is hosting a victory party, holding the party for congressional run in toledo,. >> in protest of unemployment, more than 5000 people in new york are expected to hold pink slips over their head and form a 3-mile line. this is a live line from bowling green towards the union square. they are putting this together. that goes from bowling green towards union square, 14 miles or so. one minute for each million without a job. >>> arundel county council got an earful from residents who are disgusted with leaders. meeting was held monday. the police president was among those speaking up. >> a person having sex in the parking lot, he was too cheap to afford a hotel room. >> of
spicy during his victory speech. what he had to say about mitt romney and catching slack this morning. >>> severe weather forced mandatory evacuations this weekend. a look straight ahead. >>> big problems in parts of canada, unseasonably warm weather trickerred ice jams along the st. john river causing really serious flooding. check out this video, all you can see is ice and water. officials in new brunswick say there will be an aid program for victims flooded out of their homes. >>> rain didn't keep these people away from the national cathedral. they opened doors to visitors for the first time since august. crowds were able to climb up the tower, cathedral is under repairs from the earthquake we had in august. people are enjoying it. it wasn't the prettiest weather but people got a chance to get out there. >> we had rain this weekend and cooler temperatures. like you said, they got out and about. the temperatures are going to cool down more, i will show you that in a second. satellite and radar, we will clear out, lots of sunshine as we go through the day. this is what we will deal w
on small businesses. >>> and mitt romney picked up another gop endorsement former president george hw bush said to a-- set to announce his endorsement later today. he will support romney at an event in houston. >>> and today texas governor rick perry and other officials are expected to tour the beef products plant where the so- called meat filler called pink slime is produced. that plant is located in nebraska. >> all right. abc2 has done it have you, the facebook timeline will switch over automatically beginning tomorrow. you can preview the time page and make adjustments before it goes live. >>> we are talking about mega millions it's risen to a record 500 million dollars. so, you night want to get a -- might want to get a ticket. it's the nation's largest ever lottery jackpot. odds of winning we are talking one in 176 million to one. so, the drawing is friday night, you will be able to step -- we will be with you every step of the way starting tomorrow at 4:30 we will be going live talking about tickets and talking to people buying tickets so be sure to stay with and good m
on a terrifying jetblue flight. >> first mitt romney and then now the newt what ron paul plans to do here -- newt gingrich. and now what ron paul plans to do here. >> i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson let's check the forecast. you said it would warm up. >> it is. it is. it's going to warm up today as we go through afternoon time frame. but yesterday we had the temperatures tumbling. today they will rise charley. so cold but seasonable this morning. we are not in the low 30s like yesterday in the 20s. we are in the mid-30s to the upper 30s and even in the 40s in some spots. i will show you that in a second budget breezy and dry for now. temperatures 42 degrees right now in glen burnie. you can see we are a wit warm -- bit warmer than yesterday. chestertown 42. mountary 45. the temperatures are above average right now. and they will start to fall more before we cap the morning off. the wind are going to be a factor especially as we go into the afternoon. but continued of the northwesterly -- but instead of the northwesterly flow we will get the southwesterly flow bumping the temperatures
and santorum are attending a gulf coast energy summit today. romney will not be attending. he will be at an event in alabama. >>> o'malley and mc connell debated about how economic and social issues are playing out. they were asked about the subjects in meet the press. >> what we all look for in the president of the united is someone with steady capable leadership, a calm hand at the helm and president obama provided that leadership. >> o'malley says candidates have been spending more time pandering to the extreme right wing ideal ole jis and focusing on jobs and the economy. o'malley says it's a manufactured issue. >>> if you feed your baby gerber, we have a recall. >> they are pulling good start infant formula. >>> great day for a parade, how the city is celebrating st. patties day and a look at the forecast. hail damage in hawaii, golf ball sized hailstones denting cars and damaging roofs. it happened, five inches of rain came down in two hours. >>> we have really perfect weather for st. patty's day preview. celebrations started. baltimore had the parade saturday. it starte
. >>> well a super tuesday is a day away. gop candidates spent the weekend campaigning. mitt romney healed pancake runch and rick santorum enjoyed tennessee barbeque and viscided -- visited voters in member sis -- memphis. >>> 4:5 #. a gorgeous --4:52 a gorgeous weekend but the big story is the terrible tornadoes. >> exactly. really bad lots of storm damage and actually storm reports for you. i will show you those in a little while. but the cleanup, it's cleanup time and there's snow. maybe a chance for snow in the forecast for today as well. let's get to business right now. there's lots to talk about. right now, you can see the temperatures are cold enough to support some snow. if that happens, we are at the freezing degree mark into baltimore. and 30 degrees in york pennsylvania. 34 coming in easton along the eastern shore and dc around 33. and you have a better chance of seeing snow showers because that's going to be staying to the south for today possibly. so the winds will be another big factor. not so bad right now. you can see it out of the south and west at 5 miles an hour. easton
at it on the campaign trail today. mitt romney and newt gingrich holding rallies in mississippi while rick santorum next door in the state of alabama. >> president obama is also doing some campaigning. he's in north carolina this morning. the state is worth 15 electoral votes in november's general election. the president will be talking about the economy. >> and a new report by the office of the surgeon general shows nearly one in four high school seniors and one in three young adults under age 26 smoke. health officials plan to discuss state funding to help launch anti-smoking programs. >> today's international women's day. women across america plan to protest against big banks. in baltimore organizers tend to take a protest at the bank of america branch downtown. >>> and dharun ravi, the man accused of spying on his roommate, who later committed suicide. a homicide investigator took the stand wednesday. >>> we could be in for turbulence today. the sun spits out a huge erupting solar flare. >> it's been roughly 20 years. it's happened before. they say it could affect traffic today. for more on this let
romney captured the wyoming caucus and the marginal pry parry victory in -- primary victory in michigan is a dead heat after the count revealsrick santorum won half of the delegates. >>> near phoenix arizona deputies rescued a base jumper. leapt from the face of the mountain but after deploying the shoot it got caught on the side of the cliff. this happened last night. initial reports indicate he appears to have suffered an ankle injury. >>> we have learned maine's authorities found the body firefighter from florida. he has been missing for a week and neighbors have been quite stunned by what they have learned. >> i just heard that the body was found. it's no idea it was this close to home. >> police confirmed the murder involved drugs, he was firefighter buddies flown from florida to maine to help in the search. >>> president obama has paid tribute to the million plus members of the u.s. military who served in the war in iraq. it happened at the white house at dinner last night attended by members of the armed services from every state in the union last night. many of the 200 guests se
romney visited arbutus the cochairman for newt gingrich campaign in maryland says he will be the next gop candidate to visit the state. republican presidential candidate will visit on tuesday. more spie he civiccally the state -- specifically the statehouse. he will meet with business owners on main street. >>> and new developments from annapolis that are going to facet you, -- affect you. those that earn more than 100,000 your income tax is going up. lawmaker in the house debated 9 straight hours on the budget package and any difference between the house and the senate have to be worked out by april 9th. >>> and now to the budget battle in baltimore citych city fire department is looking at closing three-- city. the city fire department is looking to close three fire departments at a saving of $3 million each. they are look to increase the workweek to 56 hours and offering firefighters a raise. police are eliminating 16 unfilled positions and merging the 911 sent wert city call center 311. >>> law makeers in washington are fighting-- lawmakers in washington are fighting huge drug maker p
in mobile alabama and topeka kansas. mitt romney will meet voters in brimingham and the farmers market meeting. and newt gingrich set for rallies in gulf port mississippi. >>> president obama travels to virginia where he is scheduled to make a stop at a rolls royce plant and will meet with company officials and deliver remarks on the economy. >>> bobbi christina gets all her mother's fortune according to whitney houston's will. she will inherit everything from jewelry to furniture and cars. whitney houston died february 11th at the age of 48. >>> home alone has a new -- home alone house has a new owner. filmmakers used the home's kitchen and staircase in the move yeant walls were papered over to give it a holiday feeling. >>> she doesn't look over 20 but barbie is 50 years old introduceed to the world march #th, 1959. happy birthday to the best selling doll in the world. >>> health news, we have new information about a family where three members were killed in a bad strain of the flu. earlier in the week we told you about the family members in calvert county. this morning the surviving
, mitt romney and rick santorumch gas prices are a big issue with the candidates as they fight for the votes down south and another issue worth watching is how religious vote will break out. >>> in important news in maryland if you want to vote or change your party affiliation before the presidential primary in the statech today is the deadline to register for the my peary is -- primary is at 9. if you have to fill out the voter registration application and hand deliver or mail it to the election board, it needs to be done today. primary day in maryland is tuesday april 3rd. >>> an update to the university of maryland college park threat. student accused of making the threats of a mass shooting is undergoing a mental evaluation a former high school classmate of alexander song says she is shocked to hear about what police say he planned to do. he graduateed from the top 10% of his class in howard county in 2010 a member of the national honor society and honor society for spanish and art. but on sunday he was taken into custody for threatening to open fire on his fellow students.
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